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This product does not exist in our offer any more.

Rose Petal Dulceata 250G Unique & Delicious!

$ 5.25
Out of stock

A 100% natural, high quality conserve. A very unique conserve made from rose petals with no added artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. 

Exceptional with breakfast toast, pancakes, pikelets or scones and over vanilla ice cream.

You most likely will not find this product elsewhere in NZ

Ingredients:  Rose petals, sugar and citric acid

Gross Weight:  0.50kg (includes glass jar and protective wrapping for courier)

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Gabriela Gabriela wrote on 2016-07-19 20:48:09:
I am sure you are not able to buy this in many places in the world. It is made from a special type of rose that is not found in many places. Eating this brings a lot of precious memories from my childhood, my mum used to have a friend who had this special roses in her garden so my mum will do this jam once every couple of years. This was always a treat in our home. At 4.99 is really a bargain!

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