romania-regions-map[1]Romania or originally know as Dacia is located in the Central, South Eastern part of Europe and has a history that dates back over 2000 years BC where the spoken language is Latin based.  It has been recently discovered that Latin, most likely originated in Dacia and probably is the reason why Romanian  and Italian language are so similar today, but being a very contentious subject this information is very slow in its fruition.

It is also a place that has a wonderful collection of traditional foods, influenced over the centuries by Ottomans, Germans, Greeks and many others. All of whom chose to live in Romania attracted by its natural beauty of the Carpathian mountains, forests, foothills, agricultural plains and Black sea coastline.

Today in the rural areas it is still alive with tradition and culture and where you get to see how Europe once lived many centuries ago from the land using traditional methods of agriculture producing food, meat, cheese and wine we call today ‘organic’. The many 12th/13th century cities are also steeped with tradition and culture but have combined this with the modernisation of western influence providing a wonderful mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’.

Most people in New Zealand likely have little idea about Romania or its food but with over 4000 years of history dating back to the Cucuteni period they probably have learnt a few things about good tasting food. So if you don’t know much about Romania start with their food and discover a place that historically is one of the most diverse countries of Europe.