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                   Baking, Cooking Essentials
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 1 kg Boromir Malai/polenta
 Dr Oetker Cinnamon sugar 8g
 Dr Oetker rum flavoured sugar 8G
 Dr Oetker Vanilla sugar 8G
 Piscoturi (Lady fingers) 200g
 Raureni Apple vinegar 500ml
 Raureni red wine vinegar 500ml
 Raureni White wine vinegar 1000ml
 Taitei fine noodles with egg 200g
 Wafer sheets 230g each


                        Borsec mineral water
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Borsec mineral water 1.5l


                   Breakfast Cereals & Spreads
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 Pufarine Bobita 100g
 Pufarine fruit flavour 70g
 Sweetened Chestnut spread 350


                   Chocolate Magura cake
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 Kandia 50% cacao chocolate 80g
 Kandia dark chocolate with orange zest 80g
 Magura with chocolate filling 35g
 Magura with milk cream filling 35g


                       Chutneys and Mustard
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Red onion dulceata 240g
Sweet pepper and chilli dulceata 240g
Mustard Annabella 300g


                    Compotes/Preserved Fruit
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Half peaches in light syrup 700g
Pitted Sour Cherries in light syrup 720g
Plums in light syrup 720g
Sour Cherries in light syrup 545g
Sweet Cherries in light syrup 545g


                   Croissants Cozonac Cornulete
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 Apple Cornulete 250g
Apricot Cornulete 250g
Cozonac pricomigdala candied orange/milk cream
Cozonac with cocoa & turkish delight 400g
Cozonac with walnut and chocolate 400g
Croissant apricot and vanilla cream 60g
Croissant chocolate and milk cream 60g
Croissant chocolate and vanilla cream 60g


                         Diabetic & 0% sugar
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 Diet peach jam 220g
 Diet strawberry jam 220g
 Strawberry dulceata no sugar 230g


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 Bitter Cherry dulceata 250g 
 Blackberry Dulceata 350g best by 31/7/18
 Blackcurrant Dulceata 350g best by 31/7/18
 Blueberry Dulceata 350g Best by 1/8/18
 Cherry Dulceata 350g
 Forest fruit Conserve/Dulceata 250g
 Green Walnut Conserve/Dulceata 250g
 Green Walnuts in syrup 280g
 Quince/Gutui Dulceata 350g
 Raspberry Dulceata 350g Best by 20/6/18
 Rose Petal Conserve/Dulceata 350g
 Sour Cherry Conserve/Dulceata 350g
 Strawberry Dulceata 350g
 Strawberry dulceata no sugar 230g


                   Fruit syrups & Natural juice
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 Strawberry syrup 500ml
 100% Natural apple and sour cherry juice 3l
 Blueberry syrup 500ml
 Forest fruit syrup 500ml
 Lemon and Elderberry syrup 500ml
 Raspberry syrup 500ml
 Sour Cherry syrup 500ml


                    Halva & Sunflower seeds
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 Nutline sunflower seeds roasted and salted 200g
 Traditional Halva (original) 200g
 Traditional Halva with chocolate 200g


                              Jacobs Coffee
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Jacobs Coffee 500g


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 Apricot Jam 65% fruit 370g
 Cherry Jam 65% fruit 370g Best by 6/18
 Magiun 100% plum fruit 350g 
 Quince Jam 65% fruit 370g
 Rosehip fruit spread/Pasta Macese 70% fruit 370g
 Sour Cherry Jam 65% fruit 370g


                             Medicinal Teas
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 Lime flower tea with lemon 20 bags
 Calendula flower/Galbenele tea bags – 20 bags/20g
 Coada Soricelului tea bags – 20g/20bags
 Cumin/Chimion tea bags – 30g/20 bags
 Laxative tea bags – 20 bags/40g 
 Rosehip/Macese tea bags – 20 bags/40g
 St Johns Wort/Sunatoare tea bags – 20 bags/20g


                   Pates, Meat meals, Herring
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 Herring fillet in oil Merve 170g
 Bucegi Vegetal Pate 200g
 Bucegi Vegetal pate with mushrooms 200g
 Bucegi Vegetal pate with red peppers 200g
 Sadu Fasole cu carnati afumati 300g
 Sadu Fasole cu Costita afumata 300g
 Sadu Pork Fasole cu Ciolan 300g
 Sadu Pork pate 100g
 Sadu Poultry pate 100g
 Scandia Sibiu (est 1922) chicken pate 120g
 Scandia Sibiu (est 1922) duck liver pate 120g
 Scandia Sibiu (est 1922) goose liver pate 120g
 Scandia Sibiu (Est 1922) pork liver pate 120g


                            Pickled Products
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 Gherkins 9-12 cm in vinegar 1600g
 Gherkins in special brine 690g
 Green peas 680g
 Green tomatoes in brine 1600g
 Hot Peppers Venetian style (medium heat) 680g
 Preserved Cabbage for Sarmale 1600g
 Red cabbage salad 680g
 Roasted red peppers 680g
 Sauerkraut/Varza Murata 700g
 Spicy gherkins with hot peppers in vinegar 680g


                     Puddings & Condiments
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 2 x Fuchs Mici condiments 25g
 Alex barbecue meat mixed spices 18g
 Cosmin Leustean/Lovage 6g
 Cosmin Thyme 8g
 Delikat bors magic 20g
 Dr Oetkar chocolate pudding 84g
 Dr Oetkar Creme Ole vanilla pudding 84g


                    Pufuleti Covrigi & Snacks
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 7 Days Tomato olive Bake Rolls 80g
 Bake rolls sour cream and onion 80g
 Covrigi de Buzau Pretzels salted 250g
 Croco Brezel & Crackers mix 250g
 Grisine with chilli 90g
 Gusto salted corn snacks 85g


                   Turta dulce, Eugenia & Wafers
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 Joe Snacks with chocolate cream 180g
Eugenia original 27g
Fox Eugenia cu crema de lamaie verde 30g 
Fox Eugenia cu crema de cacao 30g
 Turta Dulce & chocolate glaze 200g
 Turta Dulce Sibiu - 400g!
Digesta biscuits cinnamon 90g
Eugenia original 27g 


                    Zacusca,Tomato products
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 Zarzavat or a great Pasta sauce 700g
 Tomato Paste 320g
 Tocana Legume 300g 
 Grilled vegetable and mushroom spread/dip 300g
 Grilled vege spread/dip country style 300g
 Grilled vegetable spread/dip mild spice 300g
 Whole tomatoes in juice 700g