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Lime flower tea with lemon 20 bags best by 12/18

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$ 3.99
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Ingredients: Linden Tilia tomentosa Moench flowers, Tilia cordata Miller, Tilia platyphyllos Scop. contain: lemon peel, mucilage, flavonoids, phenolic acids, Hydroxycoumarin, essential oil (farnesol).

Effect: Calms nervous system, sedative, anxiolytic, stress, emollient, expectorant, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sudorific (induces sweating), diuretic.

Main uses: Upper respiratory illnesses (coughs, colds, bronchitis), fever, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia.

Other uses: Migraines, intestinal colic, stomatitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis.

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