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Delivery & Payment

Payment and Delivery Instructions

All payments are to be made by bank transfer/direct credit only. We do not accept credit card payment due to the excessive fees/commision charges and wish to retain our philosophy of getting our products to your table for the least cost possible.

Once you place your order we will send you an invoice which will have our bank details for payment. Please provide your name and invoice number as referance with your payment transfer. Note - once your order has been placed it cannot be changed so please check your order carefully before sending it.

Once payment has been received we will acknowledge this to you by email, package your order and courier it to you



Note: We choose this to be as efficient as possible with the delivery cost for you and will require to send you a manual invoice. 

Option 1 - Box up to 22 kg weight or 0.072m3                              Option 2 - Box up to 10kg weight or 0.05m3

Nth Island: $16.60 for each box (delivery 2-3 working days)                      Nth Island:  $8.90 for each box (delivery 2-3 working days)

Sth Island:  $22.90 for each box (delivery 3-4 working days)                     Sth Island:  none

Option 3 -  Box up to 12kg weight or 0.042m3                                   Option 4 - Box up to 18kg weight or 0.05m3                   

Sth Island: $15.60 for each box (delivery 3-4 working days)                       Nth Island:  $14.50 (delivery 2-3 working days)

                                                                                                                      Sth Island:  $18.60 (delivery 3-4 working days) 

Wanganui/Palmerston Nth: $7.20 for each 20Kg box (delivery 1-2 working days) 

Stratford/Hawera $5.20 for each 20kg box (delivery 1-2 working days)

New Plymouth $4.20 for each 20kg box (delivery 1-2 working days)

Delivery time may be extended during busy seasonal periods for example, Easter, Christmas and New Year. Up to 7 working days from date of order.

  • Rural delivery is $6.15 extra/per box to all areas - we recommend, if possible to courier to your workplace to avoid the extra cost.

Note: please also allow 400 to 500 grams for the weight of the courier box