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Delivery instructions



Note: We choose this to be as efficient as possible with the delivery cost for you and will require to send you a manual invoice. 

Option 1 - Box up to 22 kg weight or 0.072m3                                        Option 2 - Box up to 10kg weight or 0.05m3

Nth Island: $16.60 for each box (delivery 2-3 working days)                      Nth Island:  $8.90 for each box (delivery 2-3 working days)

Sth Island:  $22.90 for each box (delivery 3-4 working days)                     Sth Island:  none


Option 3 -  Box up to 12kg weight or 0.042m3                                         Option 4 - Box up to 18kg weight or 0.05m3                   

Sth Island: $15.60 for each box (delivery 3-4 working days)                       Nth Island:  $14.50 (delivery 2-3 working days)

                                                                                                                      Sth Island:  $18.60 (delivery 3-4 working days) 

Wanganui/Palmerston Nth: $7.20 for each 20Kg box (delivery 1-2 working days) 

Stratford/Hawera $5.20 for each 20kg box (delivery 1-2 working days)

New Plymouth $4.20 for each 20kg box (delivery 1-2 working days)

Delivery time may be extended during busy seasonal periods for example, Easter, Christmas and New Year. Up to 7 working days from date of order.

  • Rural delivery is $6.15 extra/per box to all areas - we recommend, if possible to courier to your workplace to avoid the extra cost.

Note: please also allow 300 to 400 grams for the weight of the courier box