Râureni, fruit and vegetables are prepared “from nature with love”

With the experience of over 40 years, Râureni is one of the largest food producers in Romania offering consumers quality products from authentic recipes using fresh fruit and vegetables.

Râureni’s story began in 1968 more than four decades ago, when the factory opened as Râureni marmalade. Currently production capacity is 40,000 tons per year of processed raw material.

Prepared meals “from nature with love”

Râureni marmalade became known for preserved fruit, jams and compotes and in the 80’s created some of their specialty products, “the sweetness of rose petal conserve and chestnut puree which we are currently the only producers of in Romania. Today our portfolio includes over 90 products, recently introducing diet jams with 0% added sugar, natural apple juice packed in a bag in box dispenser and hospitality jams. Preserved vegetables recorded the highest sales, being popular with almost any meal of the day” said Dan Mutu the CEO of Râureni.

Râureni products are made only from natural ingredients carefully chosen from controlled sources. The fruit is sourced from many areas of the country and vegetables from the traditional centres of Buzau, Galati, Craiova and Drăgăşani . Over 30% of the fruit and vegetables (cherries, apricots, strawberries, apples, plums, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers) are harvested from the farm of Drăgăşani with an area of 100 hectares. Râureni products reach Romanian’s tables across the country and are exported to four continents, Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Exports represent 15% of total sales which includes countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, England, Canada, Israel, France, Cyprus, Sweden, Australia and USA.

Turnover and future plans

Production of preserved fruit and vegetables reached around 15 million units per year in 2013. “We estimate a 10% increase in production and turnover this year compared to 2013” explained Dan

Râureni goals include national leadership in the preserving of fruits and vegetables and apple juice. At the same time, it wants to establish a position as being one of the best among the big players in the field of the EU and worldwide.