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About us

Deli Transilvania

Deli Transilvania is a shop online business born out of my family and I choosing to live in Transilvania, Romania in 2015-2016.  We did this mainly for our daughter (Isabella), half Romanian-half Kiwi to experience and learn more about the language, traditions and culture.  During this time, we also experienced the wonderful traditional and popular food brands eaten every day in Romania.

We are very proud of the line of products and popular brands we have chosen to bring to New Zealand, many of whom have existed for a long time in Romania (some over 120 years).  Our philosophy is to provide this shop online business option for people who wish to buy in a fast and comfortable manner, who miss or wish to try the taste of a range of high quality Romanian food brands and who also wish to simply save money on excellent food product.

Raureni, our main brand available is a traditional food producer that uses old, authentic recipies with a natural preserving process (no artificial preservatives, colours or flavouring).  All their products are in a lid sealed glass jar, something you see a lot less of today which offers a taste that is more natural, superb and healthier. Raureni currently exports to many countries around the world these include England // France // Italy // Spain // Canada // Austria // Denmark // Greece // Cyprus // Ireland // Belgium // Australia // USA and now New Zealand. 

Do check the special offers on our website and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss our discounts!

We deliver conveniently to your door and hope you make the decision to try some wonderful flavours of Romania today!

Pofta buna!!!

Chris Thomson